Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if a mobile device is out of battery?

If there is no display, pass is Not Valid.

How to validate if a screen is unreadable?

If there is no display, pass is Not Valid.

How to make sure someone is eligible for the reduced fare? 

The Color Box is Yellow, ask the rider to show you his/her identification card. 

Does a mobile pass expire?

Yes, the pass expires and has a clear date and countdown timer on the active session 

screen to display when it will expire. Once, the pass expires it then moves into the 

Rider History.  

If passenger loses cell phone service while trying to use a pass, will the mobile 

Pass still work?

The Pass is stored on a virtual cloud that will automatically store all purchased 

passes. If the user is logged into the application they will have access to their passes. 

If the user is NOT logged into their application then they will not be able to access 

their passes without cellular service or wifi connection.

Can passengers transfer to another bus with the app?

Yes, as long as the ticket is displayed as Active. 

Where can I use mobile ticketing?

On all JTA Bus Services

How is the application getting my current location?

We are using the location feature on your phone.

Can I save a route?

Not yet, this is coming in an update.

Does my GPS need to be turned on? 

Yes, your phone's GPS needs to be turned on. 

Can I see where my bus is in real time?

Not in this version of the application but in the later update you will.

What does the clock mean?

This is a mechanism to help fraud protection 

How do I know where to transfer if there are many buses?

The route overview will show the icons for the bus you need to transfer to

What happens if I do not get a verification code?

Please double check your email 

What happens if I do not have a credit card?

You will need to register a credit card to pay

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

How do I know which pass to buy?

Please look at the transit schedule. 

What if I want a refund for buying a ticket by mistake?

You can reach out to customer service 

How do I scan the ticket?

Click the ticket and you will see the ticket flip over to a QR code. Please show this to 

the driver.

How do I see my profile?

Click the lower right hand menu and you will see a list of options. One of these is 

your profile

What devices does the application support?

The application supports iOS and Android devices. 

What operating systems does the application support? 

iOS – 8.1 and above 

Adroid – 4.2.2 and above

Are the fares transferable? 

No, the fares are not transferable.

Is JTA responsible for any malfunctions of the mobile device? 

No, JTA is not responsible for any malfunctions of the mobile device.